A dedicated team

Behind Knockk is a small passionated team that wants to encourage people to share their passions and make new friendships
Benjamin Co-founder

The happiest team member of the team, he loves climbing and gardening. He has more than 10 years of experience in web development & design. Spending most of his time working on details no one else notice, he also enjoy wine & cheese.

Jonathan Co-founder

The chillest team member. As a previous chef, he masters cooking as much as the Android development today. He has more than 7 years of experience in building Android apps. He also enjoy building and painting those little figurines he calls "Gundam"!

Mathilde Co-founder

The most artistic team member, her drawing & painting skills are amazing. She is in charge of growth, strategy & communication. Before Knockk, she's spent 8 years working in male-centric environments and knows how to deal with hot-headed.

Cao Tri Co-founder

By far the most fittest team member, he loves sports, training and code. Cao has over 10 years of experience building iOS apps for startups. He also loves video games and as a young dad he sleeps very little and takes care of a wonderful little girl!

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